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Movie Review - Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation...

Movie: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (English)
Directed: Christopher McQuarrie
Produced: JJ Abrams/Bryan Burk/David Ellison/Tom Cruise
Story: Christopher McQuarrie/Drew Pearce
Music: Joe Kraemer
Based on: 'Mission: Impossible' by Bruce Geller
Cast: Tom Cruise/Jeremy Renner/Simon Pegg/Rebecca Ferguson/Ving Rhames/Sean Harris/Alec Baldwin

          Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation - The fifth installment in this series with a tagline 'Desperate Times... Desperate Measures' has made the audience to feel desperate for the action sequences till second half. The first half goes at snail pace but the latter half picks up the speed in race and saves the grace. Most of the primary cast does not have much to contribute and there is no reason to refute. No clarity on (dys)functioning of BIA (the MI6) and fault finding CIA (with IMF). The Rogue who tries to pull down a Nation does not seem that tough and the Hunt(er) who does the impossible always seems now not good enough. Nevertheless, the action scenes present in it, definitely are goose-bumping and heart thumping; though not topping the earlier releases in the series. Overall, mission accomplished by the makers in becoming money rakers.

Monday, August 17, 2015


Movie Review - Srimanthudu...

Movie: Srimanthudu (Telugu)
Directed: Koratala Siva
Produced: Y Naveen/Y Ravi Shankar/CV Mohan/Mahesh Babu
Story: Koratala Siva
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Cast: Mahesh Babu/Shruti Haasan/Jagapati Babu/Rajendra Prasad/Mukesh Rishi/Sampath Raj

          Srimanthudu (Rich Man) - A movie made to touch points upon many social concerns such as welfare of orphans, awareness on rural development, adoption (of children & villages), work tensions affecting health and relations, essence of spirituality; could have been more intense with proper screenplay to project the ideas rather than focusing on projecting star image. Script should have been better which at times sounds bitter and the length could have been finer trimming the scenes of litter. Hero's character is not elevated properly and projecting him as a super-human in fights does not gel well either. The concept seems an inspiration from earlier movie (Rudraveena) clubbed with latest technology and commercial elements. The climax seems apt (& cut short) though, with the director targeting on eliminating evil without traces; who in his earlier effort depicted otherwise (Mirchi) of winning over evil with love. Overall, a good business with this film for the makers any how. Should have concentrated on the fact that values make us more rich than wallets.

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3rd palindrome bday in life

3rd palindrome bday

Monday, August 03, 2015


Ten @ HP... 10-4 in Life...

P.S: (Here, Pre Script) People who want to reply to this email, please ‘Reply All’ to ensure that the reply is sent to instead of this HP email ID as this would not be monitored any longer for now and your valuable suggestions, advice, feedback, wishes should not go unnoticed.
Hello All,

Left after 6 years, returned after 1 year and now leaving again after 4 years… my life at HP in short, a perfect (10-4) one of 10 years long; a great association; which started on 11th October 2004 (Mon) and is concluding today i.e. on 03rd August 2015 (Mon). During this second tenure of 4 years (ofcourse, a week less but neither weak nor less – left on 06th Aug’10 (Fri) and rehired on 10th Aug 2011 (Wed)) working for HP again, my role and work as a ‘Business Planning Analyst’ truly been a gain; a memorable, fruitful and successful journey. HP has been ‘A Road To Success’… Time and Again.

And yes, it was never boring as I had the company of yours/HP (Happy People) in this Company/HP (Hewlett Packard) all the way. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your association during the time I spent here at HP, learnt many things for life while earned to live. Each one of you at HP has been so special and contributed in specific to my growth and development; and a mention of few names is definitely not viable as the list is as big as the HP history, 75+ years of success story. But, true to my heart, I am thankful to everyone of you. While I have been here; I got the respect and your never ending love and support… and am honored and blessed to receive your guidance and regards. Thank you all.

Being an Analyst in Business (Business Analyst J) for this part of my tenure, observing and analyzing has been a part of my life and owing to this… here is a bit/bite of it before bowing out… I never had a clue of my date of joining (DOJ) in HP in advance until I joined, even twice… but probably my last working day (LWD) was decided well before and was with me all along as my… Employee ID – 20105315. Yes… rounding the numbers to single digits and reading it in the format of DDMMYY will tell you the fact… (03rd August 2015 -> 03/08/15 -> 3/8/15 -> 3(2+0+1+0)/8(5+3)/15). Hmm, a strange coincidence… might not be applicable to others… J

Yes… yes, I am known for my ‘Gadism’… Hopefully for Wit-craft and not Witch-craft… J But then, I accept all your feedback and comments as equal as your appreciations and compliments. Well, it is in my blood (group B+ve) which always reminds me to ‘Be Positive’. I miss you people (atleast for now) and would definitely return to HP(E or I), if it is written again… Till then, you can be in touch with me through the following, if interested. And please, do not hesitate to call up for any assistance… J

I wish you, your family and friends… all the very best and take good care. Best wishes for your future goals and endeavours and a bright career.

With thanks, regards and best wishes,
G.Srikanth – 91 9880662885.
P.S: (Now, Post Script) I believe, relations flourish on communications; be it wishing, greeting or just sharing a smile(y). And in our busy lives, thanks to one or the other happy occasion every month in every year, we can celebrate with our/other people. Even if we just extend wishes on that day by any means (email/sms/chat/call), it would do a world of good… for sure. So, if anyone interested, please check out & HP Calendar…
Many happy returns of the days ahead J...

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