Saturday, December 12, 2015


Movie Review - Bengal Tiger...

Movie: Bengal Tiger (Telugu)
Directed: Sampath Nandi
Produced: KK Radha Mohan
Story: Sampath Nandi
Music: Bheems Cecireleo
Cast: Ravi Teja/Tamannaah/Rashi Khanna/Boman Irani/Rao Ramesh/Sayaji Shinde/Brahmanandam

          Bengal Tiger - A better film for the lead actor after receiving a Kick (at the) back on his previous effort. He does his best again with his comic timing and mass image complemented with supporting script and support cast. Some dialogs and an awesome song are well written and the first half seems the better one. Some technical departments too did good such as art and cinematography. Not much scope for the heroines except for some overdone skin show. More of a tit for tat story line with out and out mass appeal to shine. On a closer look and deeper observation, it could be days in counting for Ravi Teja and Tamannah; unless they really work-out and work it out well. A one time watch with not much logic to dwell. Tiger certainly roars and might cash in some crores.

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