Sunday, April 17, 2016


Movie Review - FAN...

Movie: FAN (Hindi)
Directed: Maneesh Sharma
Produced: Aditya Chopra
Story: Habib Faisal
Music: Vishal/Shekhar
Cast: Shah Rukh Khan/Waluscha De Sousa/Shriya Pilgaonkar/Deepika Amin/Yogendra Tiku

          FAN - Even FAN (For A Normal) Fan, this movie is a FAN - Firmly Avoidable Nuisance. Nothing refreshing and new in this; the makeup of Fan similar to new Kangana's in 'Tanu Weds Manu Returns', the action sequences with similar jumping and bumping, the performance of Star/Fan also as we have been seeing for the past 25 years as fans or audience and added to this are the ways to depict star actors in bad light with big attitude, arrogance, ego, possessiveness, being insecure, dual faced, cranky and cuss. The story is just about making a fuss. Both the Star and his fan (a famous impoSTAR) try to kill each other making a mess. The movie length too is nothing less and for audience might even cause stress. With all the technology, cast and crew available; it could have been a completely good effort with some focus. Alas, this director has not learnt much from his earlier bombed (shuddh desi...) romance. Nevertheless, in my view this is still a 'Jabra FAN' i.e. Super Firmly Avoidable Nuisance. Sorry to 'Jabra/Super' Fans. The wait is on now for 'Raees'. Well, the Star is named 'Khanna' in the movie and not 'Khan' which could be the only saving grace. Rest all, "ab Rehne de" (just leave it)...

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Movie Review - Sardaar Gabbar Singh...

Movie: Sardaar Gabbar Singh (Telugu)
Directed: KS Ravindra (Bobby)
Produced: Pawan Kalyan/Sharath Marar/Sunil Lulla
Story: Pawan Kalyan
Screenplay: Pawan Kalyan
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Cast: Pawan Kalyan/Kajal Aggarwal/Ali/Sharad Kelkar/Sanjanaa/Brahmanandam/Mukesh Rishi

          Sardaar Gabbar Singh - A normal man/fan would like to go for a movie with a general thought of having some entertainment, relief, relaxation, value for money, worth of time with a hope to see some romance, song & dance, fancy a chance, some fiction & fantasy, unique legacy; whether or not there is a proper storyline, logic in scene or some sense to intervene. A film is basically an art of business where part of commerce sense prevails over common sense. And thus by this view; this movie of PSPK is an out and out success with all the commercial elements included with logical thinking secluded. A movie made as a mass entertainer, perceived to be a message oriented resulting in adverse talk. However, a characterization typical to only him and through his mannerism; this hero just had another cake-walk. Watch it as a normal person, it is a good watch. With a prenotion, it is a disaster. Either way there is no match, for this Sardaar... with lots of guts, loaded guns and loads of love. He has got nothing to prove, except to improve.

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