Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Movie Review - Bajrangi Bhaijaan...

Movie: Bajrangi Bhaijaan (Hindi)
Directed: Kabir Khan
Produced: Salman Khan/Rockline Venkatesh
Story: V Vijayendra Prasad
Music: Pritam
Cast: Salman Khan/Harshaali Malhotra/Kareena Kapoor/Nawazuddin Siddiqui

          Bajrangi Bhaijaan - A finely made movie, across the line and on crossing the border to fulfill an order given to self by a devout and devotee; helpful and polite; sane and innocent Bhaijaan (Caring Brother). The story of one 'Pavan', on a mission with permission, of reuniting a lost child with her parents, residents of another country of same roots as of his; is a fresh perspective and presentation of people across tense borders. Salman in the title role; has done fabulous without being 'abulous' and the little girl as the lost child and largely mute did fantastic job way ahead of her age. Nawazuddin as a struggling and small scale reporter provides superb support to the lead roles while keeping his usual style afloat. Kareena as an independent and matured thinking girl is pretty and good with no much twirl, so is the rest of the cast. The songs and cinematography are elating and elevating. A great effort overall and a must watch; and I say this with my hand raised and a nod in agreement. "Jai Sri Ram", with a 'Salam'...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Movie Review - Baahubali: The Beginning...

Movie: Baahubali: The Beginning (Telugu)
Directed: SS Rajamouli
Produced: Shobu Yarlagadda/Prasad Devineni
Story: V Vijayendra Prasad
Music: MM Keeravani
Cast: Prabhas Raju/Rana Daggubati/Tamannaah Bhatia/Anushka Shetty/Ramya Krishnan/Sathyaraj/Nassar/Sudeep

          Baahubali: The Beginning - Dubbed as the most expensive production in the history of Indian cinema made till now, this movie is worth watching on big screen for its magnum opus in graphics and photography, in epic war-scenes, historic constructions and some scenic locations. However, 'the beginning' does not generate much interest and also there are direction mistakes; too many, considering it took nearly three years and that too for one of the two parts. Unwanted commercial elements included and unnecessary stunts seem repeated. On some occasions, the logic or screenplay just pales out and falls stout. Not much care taken for costumes, songs and music for those; and many scenes are picked (or inspired) from famous foreign films such as Avatar, Die Another Day, Ice Age, Red Cliff & Troy. Nevertheless, a great effort to make on Indian screen appreciable for its grandeur mien. Ramya Krishnan does fabulous in her role and no scope for Anushka in this part on whole. Prabhas and Rana need to concentrate more on body language and diction apart from body and fabrication. Tamannah does mostly running and Nassar does better as cunning. Sathyaraj forms the link between the two parts by the end of one and Sudeep has got only two shots of too short length in this one. The overall experience of this movie with all the hype and wait along, gets shifted and lifted only by the second half and hopefully stays par and above in the second part next year. In my view; not a whole-hearted classic, but definitely a class apart.

Saturday, July 11, 2015


Movie Review - Terminator Genisys...

Movie: Terminator Genisys (English)
Directed: Alan Taylor
Produced: David Ellison/Dana Goldberg
Story: Laeta Kalogridis/Patrick Lussier
Music: Lorne Balfe
Based on: 'The Terminator' by James Francis Cameron
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger/Jason Clarke/Emilia Clarke/Jai Courtney/JK Simmons/Lee Byung-Hun

          Terminator Genisys - Vicious family circle with a plot similar to recent X-Men movie of time travel back and forth, this movie has entertainment at dearth. A run and chase through out, with all possible terminator models till now at display and action, this science fiction story turns into that of a faction; with technology in fashion and dominating/defeating logic and passion. Probably the Terminator franchise makers thought of terminating the series with Arnold, synonymous with the term 'Terminator', playing the major role unlike in fourth part and so, 'He is back'... and stays at the end as an 'upgraded' model. Though the end credits give a hint of a possible sequel again, concluding this series for now without similar repeats would be a gain... for both the makers and takers (audience), so that it ends at fifth and not as filth.

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