Sunday, November 05, 2017


Movie Review - PSV Garuda Vega...

Movie: PSV Garuda Vega (Telugu)
Directed: Praveen Sattaru
Produced: M Koteswara Raju/Murali Srinivas
Story: Praveen Sattaru/Niranjan Reddy
Music: Sricharan Pakala/Bheems Cecireleo
Cast: Dr.Rajasekhar/Pooja Kumar/Kishore Kumar/Shraddha Das/Adith Arun/Nassar/Ravi Varma/Charandeep/Posani Krishna Murali

          PSV Garuda Vega - This PSV (Praveen Sattaru Venture) movie (ultimately ends on a PSV - Platform Supply Vessel) generates enough thrill with some high-octane action scenes and sequences (at times with the speed of an eagle - Garuda/Eagle-Vegam/Speed) and certainly, is a new lease to the Doctor Actor's career. First-half is very gripping and though the second-half falls short in comparison due to unwanted item song, emotional drama, pale climax and less intensity; it surely creates enough interest to await a possible sequel. The movie also touches upon the lives of Combat Professionals, Scam Witnesses superficially. Nevertheless, it is a good movie to watch with any company; be it in a single screen or a complex with many. The screenplay is good, background score is appropriate and stunts are fresh. Lead actor played to his strengths as an angry (not young though) cop with signs of aging to pop, but the effort is not a flop and definitely worth a clap.

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