Thursday, January 14, 2010


Sankranti subhaakaankshalu...

Sankranti subhaakaankshalu...

Friday, January 01, 2010


Wish you a very Happy New Year 2010 wishes....

Hello All,

I wish you and your family, friends, near and dear........

A very happy, prosperous, joyful and successful new year (2010) wishes.

Every year starting from January 1st (01/01) provides us a good opportunity; to learn things and become wise from novice, to be ready to race in life and face whatever may come to us; with cue moments and due respect; few risks and new strength… always. Each month will teach a quality for life to have a quality life.

Learn Generosity, from January
Earn Fabulosity, from February
The steady March, from March
To be ready & Agile, from April
Facing whatever May, from May
Racing in life Journey, from June
Doing our duty Duly, from July
Being pretty August, from August
Pain in Separation, from September
Gain in Augmentation, from October
Getting right Notations, from November
Setting straight Decisions, from December

Learning from every month is an earning for whole life. Learning never ends but a life does. Earning good name and fame from better learning makes us to be best remembered even after life. Wish you happy learning and honest earning…

Many many happy returns of the YEAR.

All the best and take care….

With thanks, regards and best wishes,

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