Tuesday, September 30, 2014


RIP Orkut, Over and Out...

          30th September - Celebrating Eleven Elegant Years of Career today started on 30/09/03. Coincidentally, bidding farewell to First Major Social Networking Site started on 24/01/04, on its Last Day 30/09/14... Thank You Orkut... Got punched in Face by a Book and lost its once Gracious Look. But when it landed, the whole world shook. With many sweet memories left behind to think about... RIP Orkut, Over and Out.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Movie Review - Rabhasa...

Movie: Rabhasa (Telugu)
Directed: Santosh Srinivas
Produced: Bellamkonda Suresh/Bellamkonda Ganesh Babu
Story: Santosh Srinivas
Music: SS Thaman
Cast: Jr.NTR/Samantha/Pranitha/Jayaprakash Reddy/Bramhanandam/Nagineedu

          Rabhasa (Commotion) - Title literally means Turmoil and the film is no different. An ABCD Hero movie (American Bred Confused Desi) with superhuman fighting skills, ridiculously showcased; with miniscule focus on other departments such as story, songs, music, dance and span. This movie has got the elements to pan. Seemingly a mixture of earlier movies (like Ready, Brundavanam, Kandireega), this movie has little to offer new, with an illogical commitment proving love is blind; making the audience to express 'phew', at the end. Except for a bit of customary comedy in the second half, the film fails miserably in its expectations. If you take my word and avoid it, you can have Bharosa (Confidence); otherwise you will have Rabhasa (Commotion). This 'Rabhasa' is 'Rasabhasa' (Mess)...

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