Saturday, June 18, 2016


Movie Review - Gentleman...

Movie: Gentleman (Telugu)
Directed: Mohan Krishna Indraganti
Produced: Sivalanka Krishna Prasad
Story: R David Nathan/Mohan Krishna Indraganti
Music: Mani Sharma
Cast: Nani/Surabhi/Niveda Thomas/Sreemukhi/Srinivas Avasarala/Vennela Kishore

          Gentleman - A 'Gentleman' taking and direction. Completely worth for money. Nice way of presenting heroines gracefully, representing heroes Gentle and Manly, great screenplay, good songs, breezy music, depth in detail, captivating twists, scenic locations, forming relations; and a few more. There have been similar plots earlier in movies, but the adaptation is fresh. So refreshing in recent chart, truly appreciating effort, living up to the title, surely hit similar to its earlier namesake. Nani has been at ease yet again and better, the fairly new 'fair and lovely' girls fared more than well and the director carried on his fame fair and square with a clean and quare attempt. Enough to tempt..!

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