Sunday, May 22, 2016


Movie Review - Brahmotsavam...

Movie: Brahmotsavam (Telugu)
Directed: Sreekanth Addala
Produced: Prasad V Potluri/Param V Potluri/Mahesh Babu
Story: Sreekanth Addala
Music: Mickey J Meyer
Cast: Mahesh Babu/Samantha Ruth Prabhu/Kajal Aggarwal/Pranitha Subhash/Sathyaraj/Rao Ramesh

          Brahmotsavam (Grand Celebration) - Please allow me to say first; one good word to share about this movie, 'Avoidable'. The grandeur only looks in cast, settings, cinematography, props used (Audi, iPhone, etc.) but utterly lacks in story, screenplay, script, showcasing values and mostly importantly, the actual celebration of life. A dialog in the movie says "the people are dragged into songs, dances, celebrations so that they would not (get time to) think much" and precisely, the makers lost the plot in song and dance. Of course, on one ticket, the audience can see places such as "Vijayawada, Ketti Town, Nagpur, Lucknow, Haridwar, Kasi, Pune & others" but with no real significance. And some degrading dialogs to top it all; this movie is a grand 'downfall'. A misconception on kissing and hugging; adds on to say, it is pissing and bugging. A complete lackluster made in the name of a blockbuster. And so, all the more avoidable, in my view.

Monday, May 16, 2016


Movie Review - 24...

Movie: 24 (Telugu)
Directed: Vikram Kumar
Produced: Suriya
Story: Vikram Kumar
Music: AR Rahman
Cast: Suriya/Samantha Ruth Prabhu/Nithya Menen/Ajay/Saranya/Girish Karnad

          24 - A time travel story, which is high on technical banking and low on logical ranking. Many flaws in the film as it progresses to end and too lengthy screenplay actually downplay the effort. This could have been turned into a great movie had the direction been a bit more subtle and simple. Alas, it just remains as one of lead actor's experimental efforts in which he generally fares well. An out and out Suriya movie with he essaying three roles - the hero, the villain and the supporting character. Rest all just might have had a contribution of 24 hours to the film. Not much to talk about music and songs despite managed by an internationally acclaimed professional. The concept has been worth appreciating but overall, this 'Project 24' is a debacle. Well, basically the director was not much watchful than just focusing on 'watch mechanic' & 'Imagino Romanco Philia' and failed to elevate the significance of 'controlling time' conception. And so this remains a kind of 'Operation success, Patient dead' inception. With a sequel planned, no high-five for this sci-fi; may the next be a better try.

Sunday, May 08, 2016


Movie Review - Captain America : Civil War...

Movie: Captain America - Civil War (English)
Directed: Anthony Russo/Joe Russo
Produced: Kevin Feige
Story: Christopher Markus/Stephen McFeely
Based on: 'Captain America' by Marvel Comics
Music: Henry Jackman
Cast: Chris Evans/Robert Downey Jr./Scarlett Johansson/Sebastian Stan/Anthony Mackie/Don Cheadle/Jeremy Renner/Paul Bettany/Elizabeth Olsen/Daniel Bruhl/Chadwick Boseman

          Captain America : Civil War - With the tagline 'United we stand... Divided we fall', this movie fails miserably to live up to the Marvels/Super-Humans/Avengers, be it the first or the latest. What really is the point to show even them as mere humans and vengers, contrary to what they are; 'The Team of Avengers' which in itself gets divided and pitted against each other so much so that they cause obnoxious environment and unnecessary mass destruction; not able to control their emotions, unable to realize things, not understanding the facts and falling out of tacts. Such movies (in my view) either from Detective Comics (Dawn of Justice) or from Marvel Comics (Kind of This) would not be worth of watching that too with so much spending (of course a temptation towards 3D and IMAX and an admiration for the characters to the max) which dilutes the 'Super'hero-worship of fans and even to an extent kills the enthusiasm of fan and fantasy by deflating the ecstasy in watching the soldiers/saviours with legacy. An uncivilized war, well below par.

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