Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Movie Review - Zero...

Movie Review - Zero (Hindi)
Directed: Aanand L Rai
Produced: Gauri Khan
Story: Himanshu Sharma
Music: Ajay/Atul
Cast: Shah Rukh Khan/Anushka Sharma/Katrina Kaif/Zeeshan Ayyub/Tigmanshu Dhulia/Sheeba Chaddha/R Madhavan/Abhay Deol/Brijendra Kala

          Zero - Let us consider the below; and that should be a telling blow.
What is the probability of a 'HawQueen' type Scientist from US, born to an Afghan Mother and a Punjabi Father, to have a marriage alliance looked at Meerut in UP?
What are the chances of a top actress with reckless attitude and countless affairs, to settle down with a physically challenged, fickle minded, uneducated guy?
What is the likelihood of an organization similar to NASA having a scientist in their ranks who might lose all of his livelihood if a project does not get approved?
What is the possibility of any government approving a differently abled human volunteer as a replacement of a trained chimpanzee to be sent to Space/Mars just because they match in height and weight?
What are the odds of a petty merchant, looking after a combined family without pretty living, having a bank balance to sponsor an American Visa, travel and stay; just like that?
What are the prospects of a romantic triangle love story turning into a horror movie without any ghosts, killings or witchcraft? (Just like how the actress's driver understands it in the movie).

For all of the above or any of the above, if the response that comes to your mind is opposite of infinity; well, then that is the title of this movie and even the entertainment from it. But for the visual graphics and technology used, the outcome of this attempt reflects just the 'Star' falling down on the countdown to 'Zero' in the movie. The star whose recent efforts with full size could not captivate the audience much, is not good enough even with half size performance. Becoming a zero from being a hero, probably causing the fans sorrow; hoping for a better tomorrow.

Thursday, December 13, 2018


Movie Review - Tumbbad...

Movie Review - Tumbbad (Hindi)
Directed: Rahi Anil Barve/Anand Gandhi/Adesh Prasad
Produced: Sohum Shah/Mukesh Shah/Amita Shah
Story: Rahi Anil Barve/Anand Gandhi/Adesh Prasad
Music: Ajay/Atul/Jesper Kyd
Cast: Sohum Shah/Mohammad Samad/Anita Date/Ronjini Chakraborty/Jyoti Malshe/Dhundiraj Prabhakar/Deepak Damle/Piyush Kaushik

          Tumbbad - A movie that has 'bad' only in the name and pretty much every other aspect is good or more than that. The story narration, screenplay, background score, costumes, sets depicting the periods of the story, every technicality adds to this film's glory. A folklore based story-line emphasizing the evils of uncontained greed and perils of certain creed; is well drafted and smartly crafted. The cast and crew are largely unknown but their performances would not go unnoticed. Appropriate running time makes it a perfect pitch that covers a story period of 30 years of an enthusiastic, over-anticipating, greedy yet obedient boy turning into a bait himself to an evil to save his son of similar traits; an evil that is largely a depiction of those very traits which at the end would consume the better of life. Control on one's greed would help, a happy-life to lead; a little aberration and it would result in unforeseen and unfortunate consequences to whole breed. Let the conscience be awake and greed go to sleep... let it sleep or else... 'Hastar aajayegaa...' (Hastar will come and... hasta la vista to life).

Sunday, December 02, 2018


Movie Review - Robo 2.0...

Movie: Robo 2.0 (Telugu)
Directed: S Shankar
Produced: A Subaskaran
Story: S Shankar
Music: AR Rahman
Cast: Rajinikanth/Akshay Kumar/Amy Jackson/Sudhanshu Pandey/Adil Hussain/Anant Mahadevan/Kaizaad Kotwal/Kalabhavan Shajohn

          Robo 2.0 - In this movie; concept is nice, storyline is good, release is delayed, screenplay is belied, climax is loooong, technicality is wrong, makeup is average (with costumes to cover-age), mass destruction is unnecessary and ending is tiring. Once the movie ends, the audience would feel "it is good to be back alive from death" after stepping out of the theatres. Seriously Shankar...? Bad Aura as the antagonist? And a combination of multiple male versions of Robo (1.0, 2.0 & 3.0 as well) is the saviour with another humanoid (female version) for assistance and additional MPU (me pity you)..! And the 'bird-king' with obviously a bird's brain goes amok and wrecks havoc just because he is single all life staying majorly with birds and has no positive emotions towards humans. Terminator (that too 2.0) type transformations during fights and Joker (from Batman i.e) type cell-phone stunts are nothing new and most of such sci-fi movie fans knew. Nevertheless, the brownie points this time around are only few and with no songs and comedy, this effort only blew. But for the hype and VFX hi-fi type, this 2.0 is... of course 2 times 0 (Zero). Only graphics, the Hero and rest... very bore-ro.

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