Sunday, February 14, 2016


Movie Review - Deadpool...

Movie: Deadpool (English)
Directed: Tim Miller
Produced: Simon Kinberg/Ryan Reynolds/Lauren Shuler Donner
Story: Rhett Reese/Paul Wernick
Music: Tom Holkenborg
Based on: 'Deadpool' by Fabian Nicieza/Rob Liefeld
Cast: Ryan Reynolds/Morena Baccarin/Ed Skrein/TJ Miller/Gina Carano/Brianna Hildebrand

          Deadpool - A Super-Hero emerged from a chronic disease with a comic relief; a scarred experimental subject, a mercenary with self-belief. Ryan Reynolds in the title role does a stupendous job, albeit with a resemblance to Jim Carrey (from Mask); but again the whole script has loads of sarcasm pinch and satirical punch; with humorous sense and some adult scenes. Of-course the audience will be dead at times in a laughter pool, with the Hero being depicted as an idiot and fool. There is a freshness in the film; right from the opening credits to the screenplay, from friendship to foreplay, from fist fights to feisty tights, from mortal combats to moral chats. However, the length is a bit more and might make viewers snore. Nevertheless, this movie will score and there could be a sequel in the fore. Red-Fool better than earlier Green (Lantern), Dead-Pool bitter-sweet like Halloween. Strictly 'for brave-hearts only'; he will blow the minds surely.

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