Sunday, April 13, 2014


Movie Review - Race Gurram...

Movie: Race Gurram (Telugu)
Directed: Surender Reddy
Produced: Nallamalapu Srinivas/Venkateswara Rao
Story: Vakkantham Vamsi
Music: SS Thaman
Cast: Allu Arjun/Shruthi Haasan/Shaam/Saloni Aswani/Prakash Raj/Ravi Kishan/Bramhanandam

          Race Gurram (Race Horse) - Adding-up to the image of Stylish Star, this movie provides complete refreshment and entertainment with 'Power' packed performances especially in the second half. The movie lacks logic, but the screenplay, taking and acting make up for that and the magic of Arjun's dancing, comic timing, coupled with Bramhanandam's character is a treat to watch. Director did the 'Jockey' job well in riding this 'Race Horse' to success and people who invest in it would not be disappointed. If not jackpot, this is definitely a crackpot with laugh riot in the later half. The music and songs are elevated with the choreography, surprisingly good even from the leading lady. 'Deavudaa (Oh God)! what a powerful Race-Horse'...

Sunday, April 06, 2014


Movie Review - Captain America : The Winter Soldier...

Movie: Captain America - The Winter Soldier (English)
Directed: Anthony Russo/Joe Russo
Produced: Kevin Feige
Story: Christopher Markus/Stephen McFeely
Based on: 'Captain America' by Marvel Comics
Music: Henry Jackman
Cast: Chris Evans/Scarlett Johansson/Sebastian Stan/Anthony Mackie/Cobie Smulders/Samuel Jackson

          Captain America : The Winter Soldier - A sequel to 'Captain America : The First Avenger' movie, this second installment deals with more emotions around humanity, freedom and safety with the use of latest technologies in today's digital world. Though this is a fiction, this movie succeeds in making audience think about the possibilities, plausibilities and consequences of advancement in technology around. And the real strength of Human will and relations. Nice plot and cute performances by the actors and some good action sequences, make it worth watching. Although not so hair-raising, edge-of-the-seat experience as with 'The Avengers' or 'Iron Man'; the fact is, this is only about 'the first and a single avenger' who is ageless and also with less gadgets. And Chris Evans as the Captain, crisply evens the odds and deserves the applauds. 'Aye Aye, Captain'...

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