Sunday, October 01, 2017


Movie Review - Spyder...

Movie: Spyder (Telugu)
Directed: AR Murugadoss
Produced: NV Prasad/Tagore Madhu
Story: AR Murugadoss
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Cast: Mahesh Babu/SJ Surya/Bharath/Rakul Preet Singh/RJ Balaji/Pulikonda Priyadarshi/Sayaji Shinde/Nagineedu Vellankani/Ajay Rathnam

          Spyder - Hero says, Humanity is to do an unseen help to an unknown person. Being Human, I suggest people to consider my request to not to encourage such movies. Audience pay to have some entertainment for few hours to relax and get relieved from stress, share some good time with family and friends, return to routine rejuvenated or sometimes with a positive impact on mind to do further good or better, for self if not for society. Such movies of overly projected technology, negative thoughts, fear of losing faith over mankind, character degrading (referring to the culture and heritage we study, live with and acclimatize) roles adversely affecting the youth especially; are not good for viewing. Secondly, such an overhyped movie has so many technical flaws; bad screenplay, sad songs, rod (literally) taking, gaud making and ground shaking. Further more, it is so atrocious to see such a reputed bunch of technicians (Actors, Directors included) come together to make such a delirious waste effort which leaves a not so delicious taste by the end of it. They must have some social responsibility if not moral responsibility to understand the after affects of their work being taken-up; else the final result would leave people shaken-up. A good cast and crew whose attempt to make a few understand and realize what to like and share; ends in ash, dust, rubble, sobbing and disturbing and nothing fair. And to add... well, just ssshhhhh.

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