Saturday, July 21, 2018


Movie Review - Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi...

Movie: Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi (Telugu)
Directed: Tharun Bhascker
Produced: D Suresh Babu
Story: Tharun Bhascker
Based on: Life of Tharun Bhascker
Music: Vivek Sagar
Cast: Abhinav Gomatam/Sai Sushanth Reddy/Vishwaksen Naidu/Venkatesh Kakumanu/Simran Chaudhary/Anisha Ambrose/Vijay Devarakonda

          Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi (What happened to this city/society?) - A story of four friends, based on true events and incidents in their life, is a reflection of current youth in society. Youth getting attracted to pub/club culture, infatuation and immature relations, unclear future plans, arrogant and disobedient to parents, irresponsible and depressed, drunken and broken, impolite and illicit, more sensitive and less sensible, feared and with beard. First half seems dragging and bragging; not exactly a road genre or a great humour movie. The second half gets better with light-hearted scenes and brightened script with sense. A buddy rom-com mostly revolves around 'buddi/bottle' of whisky or rum; with an unconvincing climax of late realization, nevertheless. As per technicalities involved, movie making has become less expensive; with sync-sound dubbing, natural lighting focus, casual dialogues in script, simple locations for shooting, unknown/unpolished actors, marketing through merchandise in movie and making money through premiere shows and promotional events. Not sure, how far this trend is going to stay or good for the industry and/or industrious actors/technicians; nonetheless, an appreciable effort with low risk and high returns.

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