Monday, June 12, 2006


Me and Mohan..........on means of transport...!

Mohan's message as host:
Hi all,
I am the king of the roads of city. Even with just two wheels, I rule the road. Three wheelers, four wheelers, six wheelers and even big vehicles with huge body don’t suit this city road. In heavy traffics, I can just have a snake cut, hair pin cut or any bloody damn cut and reach the destination much ahead of my counterparts. In busy narrow streets, I can just go zoom... zoom… and zoom. People driving me can feel the cool breeze and enjoy the whether. Even parking charges is less for me at any place (people don’t dare to charge me more). Maintaining me is also economical when compared to the rest which crawl on the road. I am the Bike and the ruler of the road in all seasons except the rainy season, which I hate mmm.....
Monsoon has come… Yahoooo… it is my turn now. That bloody bike always comes into my way being a great obstacle to me. Now I am the ruler. The bike is scared of me now. I can drive wroom… wroom… wroom… even in heavy rain. I can splash the dirty water on road over these bikes and three wheelers. No one can stop me. People who drive me need not wear jerkins or any heavy dresses to protect themselves getting wet. They will reach destination neat and clean (the same way as they dress up). If people are going with friends or family on a long drive, I will be their first option. I add richness and royalty to the lives of the people who use me. I am the Car and no one can win a war with me especially in rainy season.
Hey… you… keep quiet. Do any of you give livelihood to people? I do. People own me to earn some money. Many middle class families drive me and earn their livelihood. School kids, daily wagers and many others do travel with me every day. I am some thing like… owners pride and neighbors envy. You didn’t get that right… Well I will tell you an incident. You would have heard that Larry Page and Sergy Brin (founders of Google) came to our city recently right! They had a small journey and started praising me a lot. They said it's me who suit the busy traffic of India better than anyone else. You know that is what I am … I am Auto Rickshaw. I have a strong union which can even collapse the ruling government.
Hello… jujubies… you two or three or four wheelers need to argue to prove what you are. But I don’t need any such argument… it’s a know fact that I am huge (a six wheeler) and I am the king of the roads. Lots of people travel with me, in fact many hang over me. Forget about living, people don't even dare to dream my absence from their lives. And you… hey auto rickshaw… you talk of unions…mmm… don’t you remember my strike periods. People prayed for me and they want me to be on roads as soon as possible OK. My unions are more powerful than yours. Colleges, schools and corporate own me for their needs and not you. For daily journey or long journey, for marriages or get-togethers, parties or any other occasion I will be the first choice. I am the Bus.
Hey folks.... each of you have your own importance and definitely have some impact on people and me. I am RaMo. Today I own a two wheeler; tomorrow I may buy a four wheeler for my needs. And you auto and bus you also help me in many ways. Every one of you is a ruler.
Cheer up dudes… :-)
My comment as post:
Hi Mohan,
Nice intro for each that survives in a metro. However, you have overlooked two which form the primary part of any journey.
Hello all,
We two come together, stand together and perform together. We are the two which make any person stand tall and with stand any thing as a wall. What ever other means of transport that boasts of itself can only be useful only if we use them in the right and proper way and fashion even to generate passion. Unlike them, we also feel the senses for a person and make him/her feel a complete person.
We also vary in number from two to four when it comes to any other animals. However, we perform the same tasks and even more without any discrimination between the gendres and types of lives. Unlike other means, we need not be bought or borrowed; nor we need any begs. We are, as termed, God given and are known as LEGS.
We need no special intro.
Be it rural, urban or metro.
Irrespctive of places, we are highly retro.
Compared to others, we are hetero.
And can make any being; zero or a hero.
What ever might be the time, horo.
Be it yesterday, today or tomorrow.
Hum to sadaa chalte rahenge yaaro.................
Aur, hum bhi (srikanth gadwal) chalte rahenge yaaro..........
All the best and take care....
With thanks, regards and best wishes,


On the eve of Fathers' day..........

Tribute to my Father.........

Hello all,

On some of writings, my friends call me as good poet and ask me how do I write them and for tips to do so. For all those, I would like to say only one answer. Though I write on my own, the sole credit goes to him who brought me into this world and made me capable to do this. My friends........

Thanks for your reference. However, there are no special powers or tips bestowed with me to be shared with the cared in this regard.

Sincerely, the credit goes to my father who begot me into this world and:

Gave me a name as his lad,

Taught me the good and bad,

Bought for me pen and pad,

Brought for me bread and bed,

Nurtured me with culture and nature,

Told me about script and feature,

Shed sweat for my life and future,

Gone through all the professional torture,

Prone to risks to make me mature,

Wish for me to have a great stature,

Want me to face life being bold,

Choose for me always the gold,

Made me to have a strong hold,

Had me to listen what is told,

I had injury, he had pain,

Lost something for my gain,

Made me know the cost of grain,

Played with me in the heat and rain,

Always want me to be fit and fine,

Wish for me to have an unfading shine,

Prayed for me in every temple and shrine,

I have success; he will be on cloud nine,

About my Father; there is lot more to tell,

For my heaven's sake he will choose hell,

For my health and wealth, and being well,

He always thinks and continuously dwell,

I am blessed to be his son,

I work for his happiness and fun,

I see that he faces no more strain,

Be healthy to percent ninety nine............!

I dedicate this to my Dad, who is for me more than the God.

And pay a tribute and wish him a very happy and joyful Fathers' day....

Fathers' day is celebrated on every third (3rd) Sunday in June and this year (2006) it is going to be on 18th (18/06/2006).

With thanks, regards and best wishes,

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