Thursday, January 31, 2013


No.31 in My Life...

Hi All,

Below are some FreakoStats… about ‘31 in My Life’

My Tenth (SSC) Class Board Exam Roll Number is 0361331 (It did not seem any specific at that time though)
My B-Tech (EEE) Course Roll Number is 99691AO231 (I was a SOFTY during Graduation. SOFTY – Student OF The Year)
My Employee Code/Number is 20105315 (It remained mine even after an year of being apart)
My Work Floor at my Office is W31
My Current Job Code/Grade is M31
My Work Desk Phone Extension Number is 23142
My Dad’s Retirement Day is May 31 (Hmm, but his birthday is on 1st June)
As I write this, today is January 31 (ofcourse, only the day is pre-planned for coincidence)
And the year is 2013, which is… 3102 (In reverse… Oh! This is stupidity of ‘The One’)
The year (2013) is Year Number 31 in my Life (Born in 1982, the year of ‘Someone In the Dark’)
My Heart skipped a beat Four times… 4 is 3+1… (MeMos/Memorable Moments of my life. Ahaa, well I am ‘past thirty/not thirsty’ now)
Could my age, at the time of marriage be… 31 !!! (I am FAB, Fast Aging Bachelor… with FLAB J !)
And… this is Post Number 155… that is 5x31 (Realized while posting on my Blog/WEBlog)

Well, any TOHFA (Token Of Heart-Felt Appreciation) is Welcome (Wow! Great Expectations)…

Aaarrgghhh… Kanth’s must be crazy… just Krazzyyy… (Yes, the Mind…)

Have Fun… All the best and take good care.

With thanks, regards and best wishes,

Saturday, January 26, 2013



Hi All,

An unknown view of known facts about Sachin, the reTIRED ODI Batsman…

No Run for 02 Innings (02 ODIs) - Two Ducks to start with
One 50 for 10 Innings (10 ODIs) - One and Only One in Ten
No 100 for 75 Innings (78 ODIs) - None for Close to 5 Yrs
No 200 Sixers in Total (Only 195) – Short by Only 5 Sixes
No 150 Catches in Total (Only 140) – Oh Just Short by Ten
No 100 Fifties in Total (Only 096) – Here too Short by 04
No 50 Hundreds in Total (Only 049) – Alas Short by Only 1
No 200 Wickets in Total (Only 154) – Not good at Bowling!

Matches less than 465 (Only 463) – Not even 100 + 365 (Days)
Average less than 45 (Only 44.83) – One 100 NO Innings Short
Runs less than 18500 (Only 18426) – Tired of Playing Right??
Strike Rate less than 90 (Only 86.23) – Close to 3000 Dots??
Career Span less than 23 Years (Only 22 Yrs 03 Months) - Sad

No Big match winning innings while Chasing…
Average fell below his career average during Captaincy…

A career that started on 18th (18th Dec’1989) against Pakistan with an away match, also ended on 18th (18th Mar’2012) against Pakistan itself with an away match again. Neither of those matches have match winning innings from him while Chasing.

Strangely, he is called a God/Good batsman, better in Tests than the rest but the best in ODIs of all tested. If God has above facts in his Resume; to make them straight, he better resume. This seems to be a valid statement, as I presume.

If BATMAN can Return… why not a BATSMAN…!

Hoping for the best and wishing everyone all the best…

With thanks and regards,

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Oops... I did it again...

Hi All,

Posted on January 22, 2013 on FB... About 58th Filmfare Awards

58th Filmfare Awards 2012 - 20th January 2013

Best Actor Male Award - Ranbir Kapoor for Barfi!
Best Debut Female Award - Ileana D’Cruz for Barfi!
Best Actress Nomination - Priyanka Chopra for Barfi!
Review on September 20, 2012 - BARFII - ...But the movie definitely will have a shower of filmfare nominations - Best Female Debut, Best Supporting Actor Male, Best Actor Male and Best Actor Female; and RK can win the award, again unconvincingly though...

Best Actor Female Award - Vidya Balan for Kahaani
Best Director Award - Sujoy Ghosh for Kahaani
Review on March 28, 2012 - Kahaani - A Mother Of A Story, and it is. Well written and executed script, splendid screenplay and apt direction... Vidya (real or reel) gunning for successive Filmfare awards and how... just watch out...

Best Movie Critics' Award - Gangs of Wasseypur
Best Director Critic's Award - Anurag Kashyap for Gangs of Wasseypur
Best Actor Nomination - Manoj Bajpai for Gangs of Wasseypur
Review on June 23, 2012 - Gangs of Wasseypur I - ...Story is no brainer, but the direction is applause drainer. Gripping performances, strongly told story about a strange hold of one section over the other of same community... And the performance of Manoj Bajpai, well definitely saying it loud, 'Keh Ke Lunga...' if not the filmfare award, a nomination for sure; as a gangster of Wasseypur. Holy Cow, this GOW is WOW...

Best Directorial Debut Award - Gauri Shinde for English Vinglish
Best Actress Nomination - Sridevi for English Vinglish
Review on October 18, 2012 - English Vinglish - A must watch for every person/family... Very keenly and cleanly knit story; appropriate screenplay; apt screen presence; expressive songs and elevating music. Put together, it is a beautiful magic. Sridevi transforms into the lead role of Sasi, so much so that only Sasi is seen in every scene... A filmfare nomination is sure for her performance...

Hmmm, 'Sritic' in making. Oops! I did it again... :)

With best wishes,


Kya Mummy... I Became Critic(al)...

Hi All,

Posted on February 22, 2012 on FB... About 57th Filmfare Awards

57th Filmfare Awards 2011 - 19th February 2012

Best Actor Male Award - Ranbir Kapoor for Rockstar
Review on Nov 14th - ...Ranbir needs to evolve than just being Rizwan KHAN at times...

SRK did win Filmfare for his performance as Rizwan Khan in MNIK (2010) and so did RK for Rockstar.

Best Actor Female Award - Vidya Balan for The Dirty Picture
Review on Dec 03rd - ...Vidya sweeps off the honors. A filmfare nomination for her is a certain...

Not just a nomination, Vidya bagged the award for her classy 'Dirty' performance.

Wow, I seem to be good. Kya Mummy... mujhe aisa critic(al) banadiya... :)

With best wishes,

Monday, January 21, 2013


Movie Review - Naayak...

Movie: Naayak (Telugu)
Directed: V.V.Vinayak
Produced: D.V.V.Danayya
Story: Akula Siva
Music: S.S.Thaman
Cast: Ram Charan Teja/Kajal Aggarwal/Amala Paul/Brahmanandam/Jaya Prakash Reddy

          Naayak - The Leader - Same old story line (similar to Simhadri/Adhurs) and not so great direction. Neither of the Heroines, nor the dual role of Charan's is captivating. This Naayak, by Vinayak... is Head-ache daayak and not appreciation laayak. This is no Cake for Cherry/Charan, still the cherry on (no) cake has been Brahmanandam's performance as 'Jilebi' Uncle, well complemented by Jaya Prakash Reddy. Barring those comic scenes, movie makes no much sense. The lyrics of songs are pathetic, re-mix of old hit song failed to match that grace... overall this movie has little as a saving face. Dual of Cherry, does not bring any merry.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Movie Review - Inkaar...

Movie: Inkaar (Hindi)
Directed: Sudhir Mishra
Produced: Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Story: Manoj Tyagi
Music: Shantanu Moitra
Cast: Arjun Rampal/Chitrangada Singh/Deepti Naval/Vipin Sharma/Kanwaljit Singh

          Inkaar (Refusal/Rejection) - Movie made on the concept of sexual harassment at Office; intention seems to be total harassment of the audience. My strong REFUSAL to people's thought to watch it in a theatre. As the characters in the movie are, so is the movie director... very confused, in handling the story and made a trash. About the Alpha Woman in the movie, Her-Ass-Meant more than the Harassment this movie wanted to focus on. Unpopularising the Advertising Agencies especially, 'Inkaar' might Incur huge loss, for lacking the gloss. Inkaar... In short, promptly avoidable.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Movie Review - Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu...

Movie: Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu (Telugu)
Directed: Srikanth Addala
Produced: Dil Raju
Story: Srikanth Addala
Music: Mickey J Meyer
Cast: Prakash Raj/Jayasudha/Venkatesh/Mahesh Babu/Samantha/Anjali

          SVSC - Simple but Beautiful - It is... simple AND beautiful. Good Direction, Nice Performances, Great Presentation, Superbly Handled Story and a Message for Glory. Not a Victory Venkatesh's Movie... Not a Prince Mahesh's Movie... It is a Complete Family Movie for a Common/Current Society. Pretty Simple yet Beautiful... Definitely for every 'House'-full. Appreciable attempt on explaining the values of relations, connections, communications, understanding, caring, friendship, love, respect and above all... Being Human. I vouch for such films. Mighty worth watching on a Big Screen, more than once; with the whole family in presence... An eye feast, with every tick-box checked on my list. Cine'Maa'... please keep them coming.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Movie Review - Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola...

Movie: Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola (Hindi)
Directed: Vishal Bhardwaj
Produced: Vishal Bhardwaj/Fox Star Studios
Story: Vishal Bhardwaj/Abhishek Chaubey
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
Cast: Pankaj Kapoor/Imran Khan/Anushka Sharma/Arya Babbar/Shabana Azmi

          MKBKM - Maa Ki Behen Ka Masala... Matterless Matru and Mao, Overpowered Bijlee with Babbar and Unstable/Doltha Man, Mandola with Gulabo... And nothing more... Aur kuch nahi kahani mein, Hurr... gayi bhains paani mein. 'Kaminey' (maker) Director ki 'Saat Khoon Maaf' kiye audience ne, par uska 'Makdee' mind failed to deliver yet again. Na Matru kuch bola, na Bijlee kadki, na Mann dola... Streaky characters, weak direction, leaky concept, meek performances; except Pankaj Kapoor's rich acting. He is exceptional but the story is predictable. Not a thought provoking magic nor a soul evoking music. This attempt at comedy is just, tragic. For those who want to watch it on big screen, I say 'Mao' (Danger...)!

Sunday, January 06, 2013


Movie Review - Table No.21...

Movie: Table No.21 (Hindi)
Directed: Aditya Datt
Produced: Vicky Rajani/Sunil Lulla
Story: Aditya Datt/Abhijit Deshpande/Sheershak Anand/Shantanu Ray
Music: Gajendra Verma
Cast: Paresh Rawal/Rajeev Khandelwal/Tena Desae/Hanif Hilal

          Table No.21 (If You Lie, You Die) - Movie made for social awareness on 'Ragging' seems a bit dragging by the end. Taking its name from Article 21 of the Indian Constitution (Right to Life/Liberty); the plot gets deviated and is focused mainly on personal vengeance. Though the performances of fairly new actors are appreciable, the story lacks main intent and is not entirely supported by the content. And the tag line misleads the audience as well as Rawal's presence. Not worth watching on big screen; and am not dying for posting this as I am not lying. I rightly am using my 'Right to Speak/Express' (from Article 19) about this side-tracked story on Article 21.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Wish you a very Happy New Year 2013 wishes....

Hello All,

I wish you and your family, friends, near and dear........

A very happy, prosperous, joyful and peaceful new year (2013) wishes.

As comes a new year, riding high and rich…
Bows out the due year, bidding bye from which;

The heights of glory, the feats hunky-dory
The happy endings of any bed-time story
Won’t be forgotten for life...
As comes a new year, as comes a new year

The injured casualties, the conjured calamities
The scars left behind of unruly activities
Won’t be forgiven for life...
As comes a new year, as comes a new year

The new-born kids, the blossoming buds
The wishes and blessings to newlyweds
Will be loved for life...
As comes a new year, as comes a new year

The arms in arms, the smiling charms
The refreshing air around the healthy farms
Will be cherished for life...
As comes a new year, as comes a new year

From loss to gain, the strength to sustain
Hoping to have all the good days again...
We welcome a fresh lease to life...
As comes a new year, as comes a new year…

Many many happy returns of the YEAR.

All the best and take care….

With thanks, regards and best wishes,

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