Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Comparing Captains with Parity.......

Dravid Vs Ganguly

Life is a race and every true race consists of competitors. One can shine or go vain solely depending on his character and approach towards the race. This can be learnt from a very old story that rounds a hare and a turtle and in recent times, can be aptly compared to very famous Team India of Cricket recent captains - Sourav Ganguly (playing the Rabbit) and Rahul Dravid (portraying the Tortoise).
Starting their careers in the concerned field from the same ground opposite same opponent, they depict the real perfect race in their cricket life between them. Both came with good knocks, Sourav with a ton (131) and Dravid almost a ton (95) against England at Lord's in their debut performance. Right after their blistering start, Dravid maintained a low profile and Ganguly had a flier with superb knocks in succession at the start. It is because of his success and high attitude that placed him ahead of Dravid in the captaincy race to succeed Sachin Tendulkar. Though had a good reign as a captain to Indian team, Ganguly found himself in an utter despair due to his attitude and works off the field.
Though known for his commanding skills and supporting youngsters in team and for most wins for the team abroad and the success in many events including World cup (2003), Ganguly had to face the harsh decision of selectors to leave him aside from the International team. Infact, it is not any others conspiracy but his own attitude which caused this situation. Being a captain of a successful team, he crossed his level of confidence and began dictating terms instead of commanding. Also, in due course he had a poor run of form in both forms of cricket that still continues in his domestic appearances. Also, he was awarded the most penalties for not controlling and leading his team in proper way, which created a negative mark on his stature.Hence, inspite of starting the race with a chance of getting into a commanding position he lost himself in dark clouds of evil reputation. Certainly, comparable with the rabbit of the story stated earlier, where it over looks the ability of the turtle with over confidence.
On the contrary, Dravid made a slow but steady start on his career that now led him to his desirable position of the Indian team captain behind which counted his lots and loads of hardwork and commitment. Even though dropped from the One Day form of game, he never let his confidence levels to go down and turned up with a bang and always checked his boundaries regarding his behavior and attitude. Obviously, he was the ultimate choice for the selectors at the time of a leader to the team. Being experienced in captaincy (Dravid was the Captain of Karnataka Team apart from being a Wicket Keeper – Batsman in the team, on the other side, Ganguly still plays under the captain ship of others (Rohan Gavaskar) for his home team, West Bengal) he aptly shown his skills even as a good commander backing up his fellow team mates and leading the team in the path of victory in both forms of the Game. Also, maintaining good relations with his coach and managers, which Ganguly failed in maintaining and triggered his downfall, Dravid emerged as the most successful captain of the team and certainly the winner of the race.
Hence, with slow and steady performance and controlled behavior Dravid made his mark on the team ahead of that of Ganguly and achieved the commanding position in the race, like the tortoise that eventually won the race between itself and the hare.
Thus, by the whole comparison of the two famous personalities of our cricket team with those of the characters of the story which narrates the moral of being slow and steady wins the race, it is true to virtue that Dravid deserves a higher applaud and a bit more than his contemporary. Thus concluding the discussion, this article certainly deserves the positive remarks for focusing on the truth with parity.


Monday, May 01, 2006


My Ambition………….

My Ambition………….
Ambition is a strong desire to achieve something, something in life, some life to be remembered for life to some one, to get inspiration from that life to fulfill the ambition of his or her life. In turn, Ambition is one that generates itself in different lives with different thoughts.
Everyone’s life will have an ambition. For an ambition to be fulfilled it should be accompanied by a motto, a driving force and a die-hard action. The combination of all these put together gives birth to a hard core ambition which in-turn fires up many of its kind. Ambition need not be the one to achieve something materialistically in large scale but should necessarily be the one that is largely materialistic, practical, acceptable by and feasible to all in a healthy society to make it much healthier.
It is true to everyone’s mind that it thinks of serving one’s own country as a part of his or her life, as the primary ambition; cultivated largely in a sovereign, socialistic, secular, democratic and republic Country like India, our nation and to serve which, is our ambition.
Serving the nation does not demand some one to participate in its defence systems or be pro-active in any revolutions – what ever may be the subject regarding; as a part of his or her life. Instead, serving one’s own family for life does the needful to the fuller extent. Since, some people form a family, some families – a society, some societies – a region, some regions – a state and some states – a nation, can be extended to; some nations – the whole world as one family with many people.
As the saying goes by, in the Holy Geetha, “Udaaracharitaanam Vasudhekakutumbam” – one who treats the whole world as his or her family will be remembered for life by others and enlightens many lives – which in-turn is the result of an, infact, any ambition.
Obviously, what one feels in general as an ambition, to be distinguished by all, should originate from his or her own surroundings, the family they own first of all, the environment they grow up, the society they live in and most importantly the work they are responsible for as every work is distinguished and has got its own significance and performing our duties to 100 % at our work , be it in any field should be our sole ambition as ‘work is worship’ and ‘worship is divine’.
Hence, I would conclude that my ambition is to perform my duties as an individual, in a family as a member, in a job as an employee, in a society as a responsible citizen; to the extremes in turn serving the nation and to stand as a role model to others.

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